Founded in 2004 as a public limited company and proudly affiliated with Asia Venture Maldives (AVM), Maldives Intercontinental Group (MIG) stands committed to a vision that extends beyond mere financial success.

Our primary focus lies in achieving sustainable and responsible growth, with a mindful approach towards the environment and society.At Maldives Intercontinental Group, we place a premium on long-term financial prosperity intertwined with eco-friendly and socially conscious practices. Our dedication is evident through a strategic commitment to utilizing renewable resources, minimizing waste, and upholding ethical standards across our operations.

By adopting responsible practices, we not only contribute positively to the planet and local communities but also bolster operational efficiency and cultivate a resilient brand reputation. Maldives Intercontinental Group is unwavering in its pursuit of a harmonious equilibrium between economic success and the conscientious stewardship of our shared environment and society.